in a twinkling of an eye

Can messages from heaven really be seen up above? Written on the wind and penned in the clouds, messages from heaven cry aloud. In the blink of an eye the moments pass away erasing the messages that had been sent for the day.Mysteries entertained and hidden in the sky may reveal more than what just meets the eye. When the windows in heaven open up for the day, the angels in heaven come out to play. Painting the sky to reassure the heart that heaven can come in a twinkling of an eye Travel to Hong Kong.

What can be said about a sunrise that hasn't been said before? Nothing unless we can learn how a sunrise has inspired some great and noble men before Hong Kong ground handlers.

Form the beginning of the world, God created the day and the night, so that mankind would not have to live in darkness. Since those sacred words that God spoke to create the light (sun) of the day and the light (moon) of the night, the sun and the moon have continued to return shining as brightly as God had promised it would postgraduate course hong kong.

Difficult to erase your shadow

Has a number of days you leave, I know, I was thinking, maybe you and I are in the test each other's patience, but actually who all know each other is thinking of each other, at least I am, and not I really leave you, maybe this time is really put me as you say, delete me from your life, even if you want all night to do a decision, but I still think you do very cruel and cold Dr Renew.

Often a person calm down, know how much I miss you, yes, this miss is a kind of pain and suffering for me, but I what to have to let it spread in my body, this kind of erosion point it let my mind, can't let myself stay so quiet, can't, because of you...

Always mobile phone on the pillow before going to bed every night, how want to see the lights of blue fluorescent light, how want to see the familiar have forgotten your name, is ah, how to think, how so I don't know how long is the night, I am lazy to know, because I know that is of no help, maybe you are still so tired today, maybe you still today through the bridge, perhaps you still felt disappointed for your career, you may still bargaining with the strange local vendors again, I like to know your these, maybe you still standing on the balcony at the moment thought your story, it's so quiet leave, quiet let me some surprise, surprise why they were always in my heart said, wait, wait, you might want to come back to me as last time, but I know this is how you firmly Dr Renew.

Walking posture, miss you voice, think you told me that every word, it's such a hard of give up love, I know I can't do this to me and to yourself, I won't, because that way I have already said very multilateral, also don't know why suddenly remind of today said these, too, so work and life let me tired, indeed, because of a person think of a place, you to me is like this, what should I do? I know you won't laugh at my helpless and weak, perhaps you will, I really don't know you these days is good, the body also good, looks like you I am is a man of strong will, I seem to have some support not to live, I also hope that I myself to fail, it is a good result, what can I hold on, I also don't understand, which I cannot control themselves, what the hell am I supposed to do then, how many times I came looking for your ideas, but it's how is unrealistic, and sometimes also understand why you do so, know, and I thought you would have to do so, because from your words before I received this message, it seems finally realized, oneself really very lonely, lonely let me afraid, really has some empty, day so slowly live, another year the Mid-Autumn moon, remember last year, I soon to the unit, in order to send the moon cake I didn't eat in the afternoon, this year, of course, has the experience and the touch of the life is everywhere, sees that because no food to eat and have to mix the dining room of the old man I will want to own it? Estimation is hard to say, it's should be an old saying goes, time and tide wait for no man, if true to that state perhaps that is the best way, this is the right of life, if you were to die, not because of this, this may be a more optimistic attitude Dr Renew.

You really can continue like this? Come back to me. Hear my call? Yes, I'm waiting for you, always waiting for you, I know I have already cannot leave you.

Let all return to zero

With constantly wipe besmear pencils, just like the taste of the bottom of my heart. How sad, is not only the chest have a silent blocked exports, nowhere to vent. My hands clenched been given hope and precipitation of the soul alone. Under the memory not to stray, scarf around the temperature of the neckline. Love is a map of start chaos finish hopeless, but I'm here to calculate the distance the end, to speed up the ups and downs of life culturelle.

If there is if, I wish I never met or move, did not expect the sky is always the most clean and spacious. If did not have that within a long lines, I will always be my little warm, reading time, gently only to find that you have written lies in handwriting has not yet dry.

I learn to use the lyrics healing, shorten the embarrassment of all past became a long song, sing the other side of the cold light. Distance from the beauty of love, some people can only appreciate from afar. Expression is finally a little sad, tears finally falling. Autumn leaves is the sadness which the world was lost in the wind, the peace of the deepest stalks, with arms wide open.

Fingertips lightly with a little bit of time and how to tell, the story of the blurred? Will past words like smoke, floating floating it, or the wind, blowing blowing is pale culturelle. Reluctant to part with the static good, looking forward to a time of life is not dyed ChenXia.

The breeze the sip, flowers fragrant flowers. Way too curved, knowing that I am limping, the clouds have been scattered, knowingly tender has ended, knowing that can not find back to embrace shape, is still in the depths of time to make a forward to wait for the sun. What we love? Is a lonely season with a tender feelings. The most beautiful not you give a gentle, is his illusion, it satisfy the desire to have been.

Our meeting like dragonflies paddle, we to know each other, such as casual falling petals. Summer to fold into a paper airplane, carrying the most innocent years lg philips I ask you. Hold a small umbrella walking in the light of the world, looking forward to the snow, by the way, will be slightly away my blessing.

Maybe you hide all the lonely and sad, maybe you drifting away, maybe you can hold me in your dimple smile. If you look back, I still wait for under the streetlights elongated figure. If not as a lover, that is, to a friend's identity, the flow of eyes will be your smile.

Dropped a bottle in the middle of the night, I know it won't like migratory birds know the season change, back and forth to and fro. Just can't find a figure after the changing of the tides, the soul of someone I wouldn't want to see me shaking.

June wind blowing cold skin, paced walk alone, finally in a stiff taken root in the soil, in the of the mortal world finally found the heaven. Is covered with a thick reed streams, put my soul here. Write beautiful lines with not wearing a ring hands, sprinkle with streams of water, every day in the sun, when other litter life, my soul is still shining.

Story flowers blossom, I forgive you with a wry smile to warm. Your love is very generous, I was just passing by, just meet, involuntary drifted off, and that's all. Love is an indispensable part of life, love is the way a lot. I chose a quiet way to burn, a refers to the quicksand, I don't struggle.

The world might be reality, but there will always be moved with every moment every day. I don't want to pull the regret, it is good to make it stop at the moment. Commit fault has been engraved on the rocks, it is not a pencil casually daub, don't rub out. Faint kite floating in the winter electrical desk, use heart knead into a line has been disconnected, watch it disappear in the line of sight, his heart finally unbearable pain.

Still let oneself, let everything return to zero, calm heart chaos, to see the sunflowers splendid mood, give yourself a turnaround. Blooming in winter daffodil, if you smelled her light? She was so quiet, and his shadow long sleeve dance, waiting for the start of a fable, also she warm wishes.

Wipe traces of youth

The words of the days, I have to have. Even if we fall in the world, I have not missed. How many past autumn waters flowing, condensed the smoke? Verses, pour pay how much changes in temperature mood? The morning dream, a little lost memory illusion. Like the mottled night culturelle, autumn wind SuiYu, drunk after sunset glow of youth. Finally, wandering in the wilderness, withered lonely night.

Pick up the years trace, see the autumn wind, too lonely, light sadness, heart reversal hiding in this turbulent. Those broken node, strewn at random in a hurry in the train yesterday, unable to recover. But those forgotten in memory of the scenery, become a can't see the movie. Even as a souvenir, or sigh, time is so sad. Perhaps, fate is like this, too many fans, solution doesn't open.

That dream echoes strike. Full of pale years, broken dreams become empty, is finalizing it. And fingertips time that's gone, but can't catch a wisp of autumn dream, miss the past. Perhaps, once the story, in time the amount of grain, carrying too much broken dreams. Those touching vow, only beautiful memory, the appearance of the old memories.

I don't know is the guest in the dream, a greedy huan. Yesterday frivolous young, today with the mature false face. Wash the yesterday's naive, 1 left today. Ignorant time, crazy smiling face, with years of weathering. How much leave the sorrow of parting, infected with loneliness. Thousand cups /, all rely on, the wind sing poems, years as snow. Past with the wind, the mood, like Trinidad lake, away shadow solitary oblique, lost in this autumn season.
Slowly under the rain outside the window, suddenly want to write some text, to oneself, to the time lost in those years.
When the sky is naive blue; That night, is silent black; That year, we still live in the teacher's upset; That year, we want is not much. At the age of first love, is young, adjustable desk it is lovely. That year, she has not been coated with vicissitudes of life, time is still a very lively girl.
I met her, in the opening of the summer, the days are hot and dry, holding up our mood is depressed, only she, like a little duck kept talking, drives everybody's mood, that yes, I was a darling child to study outside is foolish, but she is like a knowledgeable scholar, shows a new world for us. That yes, I also don't know what is emotion, only know I love accompany her laughing, like to sit beside her, only just. The passage of time, her performance has been very good, although he has been hard, but can only follow behind her, the deepest memory is her English, that is my English is the worst one of all my subjects, and she is the best, every time to hear her speak a fluently English in class, I will be very happy, very enjoy, perhaps that time I began to crush on her. Germination grade, that is love, but this time the class to a transfer student, grow very handsome, very high. I slowly found, she fell in love with him. Before long, he has a girlfriend, not her, I am very happy, I think I still have a chance, I began to learn to write a love letter, love poems, with a copy of a notebook, and then a a beautiful writing on stationery hardcover. That night, I was lucky to separate and she go home together. When I'm ready to summon up courage to say I like you, and then put the paper of the my feelings to her, she is very happy said she and her together. I smiled cry, accompany you to go home, that is the shortest distance, I think because I don't know if I can also simple and you together? If life only first, why meet, flow a broken heart. My first love dusty in the summer of that year, in the paper that into ashes. Slowly disappear...

Was young and ignorant of the junior middle school, enter solemn high school, in the face of all sorts of people, there is a lonely, is lonely, because there is no simple at that time, not that easy, some just don't know how to face your life, then high school, met a lot of brother stay in the heart, but no one can accompany me to talk to girls, I don't know how to communicate with the girl, or has been influenced by her, the girl is a little, watching friends to pick up hot chicks and to date, to do what you like to do electrical desk. I am very envy, until she appeared. I met her not stir, I just know between classmates, she is not beautiful, grow fat, but her personality, and to her, very bright, very lively, slowly, she became my only a very good female friends. Seem to live like quicksand, catch, and step into the first year of high school is fast in the past, I love the class will be separated in a twinkling of an eye, she went into the liberal arts, I went into the liberal arts are common, years in all kill, gradually, and her contact less, have their own things to be busy. Perhaps everything is calm again. Until that day, remember that is nearing the bleak winter, she and I online said she was going to leave, to study in other cities, suddenly felt a little empty, lonely. Two people quietly in silence, two on the opposite side of the screen is a complicated person, I don't know what she was thinking, also don't know why she told me this. "Do you like me?" she up this sentence to break the silence for a long time, I don't know what to answer, I like to chat with her feeling, but it isn't love, maybe just a simple friendship. When she left home to say this sentence, I know what she meant. Maybe just don't want to have regrets. I don't have refused to, also have no reason to refuse, she and I together. In memory of that year winter special cold, also in the sky floating snow, I always do my best to good for her, because I don't know when she will vanish away. Class every day I accompany her, held her through the campus, to accompany her walk home in the snow. At that time I feel very warm, very happy. Time is always ruthlessly, kill too much feeling. Life is like a ruthless kedao, changed our appearance, six months after I am tired of that life, I am eager to be care, when I spent a lot of bother to choose a gift for her, but have never worn by her, I'm disappointed. May be I'm tired of yourself. I chose to break up, that day is one of the most painful days in my memory. On the night of that day, in the riverside, I looked at her face expressionless cry in front of me, looking at her to retain. I don't know why my heart is so hard, she left the sing of the "I loathe to give up" is a tragedy forever in my heart, how I want to hold her.. Said I also loathe to give up, but I didn't. Perhaps this is a forever regret. I have spoken with her through the years, but still be years away. Flowers bloom, all turned to dust culturelle, only to find that, even myself just a visitor. After many years, if goodbye, is passed to nod, or that the long-awaited 'ok?', who knows?

Life, need a comfort to touch the pain. For example, always like to call inexplicable coincidence, the reluctance to accept and unable to change the result is called fate. Encounter in life, miss in life, too much. Met, will only let you see face clear sunlight flavor, clear, light smile will take slightly painful depicted in everywhere mottled light and shadow, become your eyes inadvertently scenery. Love is sad, but it is also happy, in this world, if it's love, is unconditional trust, if not love, so I don't really, why care about. Leave, is the memory of youth.

It is not just a dream

That confession is really very emotional day, you say, I can not give you anything, either eachother, drawing near, I have not. You just said that you will always love me alexander hera pre wedding ......

Lost in your world, touch your scars. I thought I could qualify, I think I can manage. Your hobby more, if analogy with honey, might, but also tired of it. I think that you're the angel, can guard my life. Like from behind your eyes blindfolded, playing the most childish games. All this is good. I often ask you will not stick to the commitment, you say, will ......

Heart, is not it will light, and we are back to square one. At that moment, I think that the whole world have condensed the time, just remember your face, as if there are two lines of crystal tears too. I Zhengzhu, with a fingertip tap your cheek, said a lot, but you walk away and leave nothing. Over the years, I always remember you said you would love me forever, I thought you were my only, but only just. Every time, every time chasing only your back, but you and the other girls laughed so happy, think on the go, the pace, but how could not walk alexander hera pre wedding ......

Even though I know your commitment, all for naught, as if the midsummer foam, gently point, for he gave. Crumbled into a piece, I try to fight, no matter how hard, or not to restore the original appearance. Intentions sticky traces of the above, how indelible, get rid of. Look, we know that it is put together, it is the former, it is not forever, that nothing is a ......

I do not know who is right, you say you will always love me, the original, that was all a dream, I love Red, lifted some solitude time, our past daylight lazy lying in the sun last hint color, and I was still sitting on the results of their own, the thinking of no longer unlock the shackles, I'm just feeling low end of the losers, let me own one sad ......

You say, forget your promise, forget you loved me. I understand, do not know much. Your feet never hesitate from my world and soul in a hurry to and from, and hurried away. Your shadow accompanied by footsteps in my world became a spectrum from the song, it was parting song. You said that you will always love me. Now, let me forget you. There is a saying: love a person how long, how long will use to forget him. But I can not, your presence, my whole sky is blue, and you made ​​me forget you. Want me to forget what kind of blue, or let me forget you, what kind of autism treatment ......

Our 365 days, every day miss accumulation, that in my mind has become the Great Wall, but in your eyes, already collapsed, is not it? You jealously guarding a ghost town, daily thoughts every day, ghost town, ghost town, I, but also for your old age, ghost town it? To you a promise, always will love me, to my city, my people, my whole thought was put into the shackles of paradise long, how long you will remain committed? If the next life, my heart still, for you ......

I'm glad you love me, after all it was once, but covered with blood covered the sun once. Wind, swaying flowers, dust all over the floor. I was the only one who stood alley, hair and hair flying, and you, where is it? Floating floor of the commitment, recalling the past sorrow. A kiss days of shortage, from time to time to laugh, did not hurt all the pain perception, and fatal to, the taste is sweet ......

I want to get rid of your commitment and figure, the autumn wind blows, although the stars or the moon dancers who enjoy changing the dance, despite how clear mountain springs, in my eyes, it was just tears Bale, Bale. Sitting in the window, thinking about your commitment, hypocritical or contrived. At least you have to say you love me, love, do not know disappeared without a trace, I like water clear, I either like dancing like a butterfly leaves, either on my TV drama full of morning dew rose, but can not promise any of you become worried about my life ......

You say you will always love me, you say you will stick to your promise, now gone. Left me only figure, the figure will be a lifetime. We did them so mature, so my writing is not cooked them, but I put my sustenance, and miss all written on the inside.

If, in the future after you see the article I wrote, would pain? I never felt we not, pour a tacit agreement it ......

You said commitment will always love me. I hope it was not just a dream ......