you to return the steps?

The gentleman born separation, allows to pocket. The ends of the earth, nu skin hk and don't want to see. Little love nowhere to send, and who affectionately lovingly v? If never encounter, whether I can be happy, will abandon sorrow? Just, now, once the sea, after all, if a sad storeroom. That did not send in yesterday's vomit, never jump out to, change today's sad loss.

A cup of unstrained wine or liquor empty for months, water-like moonlight exceptionally bright. Yesterday, you also accompany me to see the moon nuskin hk, where you are today? Leisurely of autumn leisurely, leisurely leisurely walk love. Read you as ever, but, you don't have. Let thoughts like rain, also does not see the tears in pink cheeks. Not don't want to flow, but afraid of outflow, no thoughts of courage. Just, just, you are the love waltz, will I lose, I again why a person alone dance floor, trapping yourself, Cellmax waiting for you to return the steps?

I don't cry, is not my strong, just because I love. Can't hand in hand with you to die, maybe there will be a pity. But loved, there is love in the world of mortals of the landscape. Is without regret, so no more tears! Perhaps, years later, you are a I don't open, not put, forget the dream. Will always be a small light hidden in the deepest memory. In a quiet night, because in a word, a song, a figure, freshwater pearl earrings and clear the jump in memory, as if the memory a transparent bubble in the clear water, gently, small, have arisen only brief halo, but will appear!