give a person

Looking at the autumn is gone, again once yu dafu's clear, quiet and sad.

Autumn, is that you gave me a fruitful harvest, I rather smug, Ergonomic desk that is your parting gift? Pace shanshan, you leave I don't give up the attachment.

In the field; the time of the gold already, be industrious people in income storehouse, or hang in the eaves. The orchard, a red face, already were off, in the fruit shop window.

Stepped out of the door, to find, the traces of autumn frost with blue mist from the leaching bone cold, jump out of the dongshan sunshine, dispelled the dense early in the morning, the willow fly in the sun, such as butterflies dance and dance.

With warm days, a few white clouds has been the wind tore into pieces, give a person "MingXiao frost, water dip in empty" visual enjoyment Antique jewelry.

In the midday sun, walking in the mountain ridge, small hillock, look for a CuiCao, lying on the above, watching clouds scud across heaven, rolling hills. And yellow leaves of autumn wind shake down a tree, cover on my body, a deep sleep, the dream is still wandering in the golden fields, "happily see the rice glycine thousand heavy waves", jimmy wong still walk in the red leaves, such as fire maple's woods, back to the time of yesterday.

Few times fly south YanMing, I woke up from a dream, that is the voice of autumn farewell? Watching the sun melt gold, MuYun combination, the autumn wind blows up the attire, is that the hand of fine fine jade of autumn? I want to hold you, and miss you. "Helpless flower falls to" is the autumn and sadness, in heart "familiar yan return" infinite yearning.

Twilight falls, autumn night has to pull down the curtain, bright moon don't shoot, surprised; only magpie, several loud cry echoed in the faint valley. Think ahead in cold empty of, "similar to surrounding cassia twig, shed light should be more clear", in the moonlight light, and you would like to hold the blanket and sleep, Syria the last lingering.

Autumn, hurry and come winter, you squeeze into edge, I would like to spend a lifetime live in your time, warming Yang his twilight, clouds high static gas, white dew condensation; The spare time that secluded deep, bright moon according to conceive nuskin hk, stars in accordance with the day; But helpless wilderness depression, clouds with, autumn to the heart.

Autumn, you just life for a season, all harvest will eventually run out, all honor will fade away, I want to hold you back, but only to hold a trace of sadness don't complain!

Cut constantly, Richard also disorderly, an unspeakable taste in the heart.

to know their people

The so-called friends, that is, in the boundless huge crowd to find interest, the same talk Jimmy Wong.

All say write words were very sad, Jimmy Wong very lonely person, we will often look up at the sky, which is looking for cloud, which stars.

We will be confused and helpless, but we have to learn to strong, learn to face, learn even if again painstakingly again tired, also want to go with a smile Jimmy Wong.

We are all the same, the same.

We used to lonely, but don't like lonely, we just need to know their people Jimmy Wong