Every day

Every day played out scenes of love-hate parting encounter rub shoulders, whether the person's life to go through a number of dying? Perhaps a moment of fronting the causal strain, and anyone can not predict unable to grasp life to be in the end times, life in no time it up. As we grew older, we will never lightly "If I leave, will no period" to pull off, Whenever I see this, and still did not dare touch. Too many clutch joys and sorrows, and finally know how to cherish. Those who approached life's passing, I still heart cherish, because of some kind of affair where a concept, a warm whisper and rows and cherish.

Between are off and everything is total revel. Territories, they do not ask causal. Running in the midst of the crowd, I suddenly realized that those who say that the hand in the person of the End of the World, and actually had parted ways. The world is there anything of real promise of change, vertical mountains and water, between heaven and earth, there will be surprise for two tired, tired heart. So indifferent Mind, each fate, so, really simple. Should be able to lay down their obsession, they can silence Enron. Just can not always wishful, reluctant, fit, past, present and future, leaving a beautiful on the memories, keep an Enron left for the future, I can do, is to live in the moment, to cherish the present one. I believe that the time, and one day be able to properly secured to each other's lives, attributable to the most suitable for their own life.

To pregnant a gratitude heart Dankan the years flowery, can calm, leisurely. Every moment I have to be honest with his own heart, love hate, even if you've Chilian into mourning, and will not complain, Love is an amazing feeling, does not belong to you always are not you, and I do not reluctantly, for their own, is the best. I always believe in fate, you love or do not love, I still do not regret a for your dedication romantic, you read or not read, I will always leave you with my most well heart, Mo lost not forget. I met you in my most beautiful years, sent to you my deepest heart poured pay my Half fleeting, should monarch can remember, my heart as the beginning, keep a city, and so you will. Met, do not ask is a robbery is edge.