similar interests

One of the first things anyone says when they hear that I don’t have a boyfriend and have been single for three and a half years is that I need to lower my expectations (because apparently they are so outrageously high that no one can meet them). I was thinking about this exact statement after my mom used it, and decided to put this to my readers. Here is a list of my expectations:

1. Must be at least mildly attractive

2. Must have a degree or is working toward one

3. Must have a good job or is working toward one and/or has a direction in life (see above)

4. Doesn’t smoke or do drugs

5. Drinks at most occasionally and does so responsibly

This is, of course, in addition to things that actually make a relationship work. I’d also like to have similar interests and the time spent together to be enjoyable, but I think everyone wants those things.

Are my expectations too high? If so, how should I lower them? What are your expectations for a significant other?

it be sooner or later

Another measure currently being pondered is House Bill No. PokerStars declined the offer because we had no plans to acquire another casino in the near term.

Late last month, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie approved online gaming in the Garden State, joining Nevada and Delaware in the race to capture what is seen as an online bonanza. Controls, policies and staff were tested Tuesday night.

Players may buy directly into the main event or qualify during a variety of satellite tournaments. If you've got your opponent second-guessing himself, his stack is yours, whether it be sooner or later. Caesars declined to comment for this story.

the journey

is it only one thing like many believe?
like, this is the playground and you're only allowed to swing on the swings..
God has one specific calling on your life, etc.

or.. rather, like, this is the playground, God's will the boundaries of His Word,
but go and do whatever you'd like that best suits you...
monkey bars. the slide. or both phone cases!

and that's a huge rabbit trail and all my theology inclined friends are rolling their eyes i'm sure.
God's will compared to a playground? sorry guys.

but really. what this post was about was simply saying, thank you embroidery digitizing!
for this place God has brought us.
and on this day especially, as it's thanksgiving here today..
to express my gratefulness for what He's done.

a place i felt at one point would rip me apart..
has actually brought wholeness nu skin 香港.
through His building. His healing. His work!

so. a few things in closing in this much scattered feeling post.
you can never be so far out of God's will that He can't get you. use you. use where you are.
i don't believe a place like that exist nu skin.

and second. if there's decisions you question, or look back and regret, don't...
it's all part of the journey you had to walk. the journey God ordained.

the will of God

i wouldn't want to go back and relive this past year..
but it's like i see the hard of it now wrapped up with strings of thanks all around too~
it has not been easy. but it has been best fashion tips.

there were days i think we both wondered if we would weather it.
or, atleast come out weathering it together. yes, at times it was really that bad.

and maybe we would have reached this point...
this point of breaking. of so desperately needing Him had we stayed in cincinnati -
but, i think in our comfort and familiarity there's a slow fade we don't always recognize that can happen in our lives.
until we wake one day and wonder who this is in our bed next to us..
or why our grown children want nothing to do with God modular cubes storage system.

because, maybe, maybe in our comfort we're just not aware of our real needs.
trials surface things we might not even know are there.
and we're forced to figure out what we believe. and not just what, but why?
that's what happened here..

we've been snapped to attention with areas that were there all along,
only.. and i'm not sure the right words are, we didn't see, as much as, we didn't want to.
but when all is ripped from you and you feel spiritually exposed for who you really are, there's no hiding.

i'm not sure i'll ever fully know how to truly know the will of God LED Color Temperature.
what that actually means, other than some canned sunday school answer~
all i know is when your world is shaken, you discover the only thing that cannot be.
and He has been our Rock and shelter and is rebuilding in our lives from what i feel is the ground level..

our marriage. our children. our home. our finances. our dreams. and yes, our faith.
and though it still feels hard. the hammering of lessons at times seems never ending..
without a doubt, i can say it is worth it.

a chevron pillow

i finally took them both back outside. doused them with another coat of spray paint and was going to just leave them plain white.
but, later on, while digging in the laundry room closet for a pair of ben's shoes..
of course, i get distracted at all the other stuff in there.
anyone else do that?
just a simple trip to the laundry room to see if his black converse are in there,
and two hours later i emerge with all kinds of things i didn't even know i had! or forgot i did?
or have searched for for months. like my hot glue gun, that had fallen behind the coats in there.

and down in the back corner, with some other cans of paint, a small can of chalkboard paint from ben's old room like, 4 years ago!
and a bunch of old acrylic paints and stencils {remember when stencils were all the rage!}..
and a little half empty bottle of gold glitter paint with the acrylics.

so. as i found this stuff, the wheels started turning in my head, and i headed back out to work on my plain white pumpkin family. ~
which sounds kinda creepy actually!
like the crazy plastic surgeon guy in that old movie, arsenic and old lace!

anyway. my pumpkins are a far cry from the chevron ones i set out to do.
but it's alright. i can always just buy a chevron pillow!

the saying goodbye

when we packed up and moved from all my kids had ever known..
all i had really known, atleast, for most of my life, i'll never forget that feeling.
the smell of those boxes.
the saying goodbye furniture storage.

walking around that old farmhouse.
the house i thought i hated.
only to find when i ran my hand down those walls, the love that ran down my heart.
so many memories there. so many lessons.
these homes that build us. shape our lives.

oh, i knew there would be more company registration Hong Kong.
but nothing prepared me for the pain of the building that's happened here.
like being completely gutted out. starting from the foundation up.

yet. even at times questioning the foundation.
will it hold. is it able. still strong. still, even there. Lord?

because when you pack up your life to follow what you think He's told you to do..
only to discover in the unpacking, that, wait a minute, these were not the things i put in on the other side Cable manufacturer.
who switched the boxes? this was not the plan!

when jobs change and pressures build and bills don't stop and hope grows faint.
who knew there could be storms so severe they could nearly blow you wide open.
and what was found bleeding out wasn't pretty亞洲知識管理學院.
and when you're broken, how do hold anything else together..
your kids. your marriage. your faith.