be true to yourself

be true to yourself

I was always like the outsider.

In business, the company like my results--especially Home Office, but the locals were confused by me.

I did not fit well in church, but was active, until recently, g-suite cardinal manchester and the Lord blessed in amazing ways. I was just not accepted.

I found in life that people liked what I did, but were not drawn to me as friends.

i learned as a child that I had a way of irritating people in real life. My family sees it, but cannot explain it satisfactorily.

I have no real friends. My Friends are all in Xanga and I love them. I do well in print g-suite in oldham, but not in person.

I have been called 'The Loner' and 'The Loser.'

I am retired. i still played by the rules of man and God and ended up OK. My body is 79 years old and declining in health of course--slowly.

You may not be the black sheep---just a different animal. They may be sheep, but you are their safe predator in their eyes. I don't know cardinal manchester, but just be true to yourself and God.