warm to

Then I have been to lushan mountain many times, in different seasons, and different people. No that was the year that hope and joy. But also no longer naive random told himself again in lushan, stubborn inevitably is such a thing, lost to find the way, let the nostalgia is broken. A mood, just leave a memory, only for a period of time, since want to climb bawcock slope is always in the heart, just wishing out empty again, this winter is still planning. Because of the snow and did not attend again.
Brighter on the snow has not, at this time is the low season at lushan mountain, the way to the Triassic springs because ice also be blocked, and then in the violin around lake HanPoKou jinxiu valley, etc. Heard that a new multiple charge small scenic spots, is actually at bluffing people, sounds, this seems to be a pity. Always in regret, our life, it is composed of many imperfections in series.
Don't say goodbye, but it is really in another city blocks, goodbye. Lights decayed, the bus crowded in the dim light of night, New Year's flags have been rising, merchants for this night and bright lights, lian sheng supermarket seven point five fold preferential lining up to make the customer team, I want to eat cherries, but to give up because of there is no. 50 people queuing in front. The sleepless nights, yangjiang invertors head, fujian cloud computing.
So I see the name of the restaurant, through a side door is inside, I didn't know you wait for me outside the ground floor of the restaurant. See you again, slim figure. Goodbye, but I also don't say a word, and later to regret every time I think of so unbearable words. Tea and between the lamp is very shallow, I pretend to be a cold ao princess, maybe in the crowd, I was like this. Red flag theater tickets for miss the season again, I would want you to see a movie, you shake head to say no. Originally wanted to accompany you longer, until the train times. Farewell is outside of the plan in advance, and worried about eleven years [shallow, this a nostalgia, sad melancholy, chung, someone asked me that later on high-speed nearest who distance of 102 km. I reserved a smile, some mood don't have to guess, some feeling not to speculate. Once I was in high speed, the nearest distance, is 102 kilometers, the car has a curve in the direction you that, on vacation in the mountains. I remember this sentence. His appearance is always thin tender feeling. Goodbye, still so.
Was said to the invertors Yang floor and tea cake, suddenly a little fellow, kiddo, you suit yangjiang invertors head north fujian night tonight, maple leaf national flowers autumn cold, too. My heart is drunk to be merry miserably to don't, don't in the vast river month. Listen to that, only moments of my mood was very sad. Sadness, the resulting, thick, must not turn the departure station again in...
Water the flower is the national image of beautiful dress up, the national memory of flowers and buds of overlap, thick pine needles, the pines, hanging in the pine boughs tip pine cones, quiet temple, master quiet evening class, the evening of a clock, three times around the pagoda veering and some desolate mountain, quiet canyon, the silent hill, dry lake, quiet gardens, everything, they are still there, silent, rejoice.
This be rendered into a life of the New Year's eve, the air is full of bright fireworks. Bustling, thronged, pedestrians on the road in GanTang lake, ten million kinds of noise to assemble a couldn't hear words of river, near the bus station have put kongmin light lad, mouth, five dollars a light, point a light make a New Year wishes. So you lit a lamp, two hands hold the chimney, stability and spoke not a word, look at the candle burning the surrounding air temperature, candle heat gradually open up the chimney, you let go fly lights, see the night under the dim candle light against the face, you can not say it is joy or sadness. If if a faint light, passing reflected, this lifetime relationship related to the lushan mountain, in the beautiful GanTang lake. Let the light faint warmth shine upon each other, warm to continue living guanyincitta.