will be released

We don't know life is very fragile, as if there is an invisible force in drives our fate, that is so familiar and in the lives of young people we can get all of a sudden, see seems like a strange body, a we don't know. In time and space at the moment, transformed the tears also stop the life of dies. We can only silently pray to god to give a peaceful life. Let life be rest in peace in another world alexander hera wedding.
Once were young students, the thousands of days that I spent learning life, as if the dream of distant and cordial. Passion and unfocused eyes, the girls often like drinking party; Who used to run a factory, and quietly pay reason and stick to the mother, the daughter to school, get married, have children, finally a dream come true moment, leaving no regret to leave the world.
As if life is a big thing, pay after see hope after comfort, even if their experienced many hardships and pain, also still stand and wait. In fact, life is such, the life is so cruel and helpless. Good people also suffered pain, injury, suffered loss. Don't know when I will hear what kind of news, don't know when will experience the sky falls down on me; Because life is impermanent.
Vivid and passion of life like fireworks, instant bloom at this time. Life is like fireworks, as we cannot accept alexander Hera.
Because life is in the cry, cry in left, anyone can't resist the loss of life. When we try to live happy and happy, just try to live quality have a dream, there is hope. Since life is such a limited time, we would make life to open, lead a happy life not only to enrich and meaningful live health. Like fireworks bright, colorful light lit up the world, with compassionate heart devote their love, for the society and the people who need help do something, make life more full.
Come on, life is short, so it is the existence of life. We don't always stay in a sad mood, the past is past, today's work is the key to tomorrow's hope is to rely on each charge todayalexander hera pre wedding.
Life is the fireworks, the most beautiful and the most gorgeous color will be released.