I hurt, let me unbearable

I'm sorry, I really let you down... Before you tell me, do you like my pure, independence, quiet, transparent, and even me a certain look in class. When I know, I have already made up his mind to, no matter what, I try my best to do better... But you know, today I lost, very sad, I cry, very afflictive...... Wouldn't you say so I really useless ah? I began to doubt... I didn't realize that in the last game, I hurt, let me unbearable...

Began to me, full of confidence after submital lost me... I have forgotten how it is a process, but I understand, if let me experience again, I would rather start don't care about, because that kind of feeling is very bad, can let a person to collapse.

Say goes through many times of failure and setbacks in life, I think this is not the setback, should be a faith, let me hold up for a whole year, from the first to the last time to your class, I was serious to every class, do a good job in every note, because I know in college can let I insist on things for a belief there is little, but not the same as this time, when I chose this belief and effort, I will devote to treat...

Xue, forgive me for not give you a satisfactory answer!

If I had never, I think I will stick to the belief has been trying. The future is wonderful, just less class time to look at my eyes... Close to, humor you, is I don't admire and miss. Later I where, I will take once the belief that with a dream, with a smile, set sail!

Xue in my heart, is still the person I care about you, can I also very honored to meet you at school, and thank you, let I insist on for a year, it should be said that a power must study hard! If you don't know you, although I know the way should go a good university, but I don't like now so strong. Maybe little thoughts filled with the taste of happiness, had you blunt poetry, I knock down the "meng pus month, heard it, hide thoughts into the petals fall to the ground.

No matter how later, only hope you well! This way I can put you buried in the heart, careful to maintain the friendship. Your good, your drive is the reason I insist.

Xue, I'm sorry, in college, I still owe you a satisfactory answer.

Whether now or in the distant future, I will still with conviction, with a dream, with a smile, on the road.

A distant bagpipes, I only care about your message...

Wish you well, years safe!

If you well, my mind!

to know more

When night falls, I no longer feel lonely, no longer afraid of the dark, on the contrary, dark give me more sense of security, I cherish myself in the circle, even though I know that one day, you should leave, should get out of the way the limited places for the subsequent child, even if I know more cherish will leave more difficult breathing, but life has taught me to adapt to, time also become always urged me alexander hera價錢.

That year, I leave the party pursue their dreams. In his own heart, to do, I found the walk will more walk more wide, I carry a black canvas bag came to a land of prosperity and the ground barren. I find go to strange city alone stop-and-go absorption is such can let oneself heart halcyon. Afternoon walking in the village of sunshine, the noise in the city's lonely midnight, these are fragments of memory can't give up, I carefully, I fear that time will take the initiative to delete something, what time will let me missing.

That year, in those years.

Exposure to grow and meet a metamorphosis. Dazed and confused all overnight deposits, I really need to thank, thank those who taught the men of his own tears, thanks to those who are willing to give their lessons. I remember a teacher said to me: if a person chose to do that, please don't stop, even if wrong, you also have no right, because you want to learn to look at her fault, and then instruct yourself, also can let her understand that making mistakes is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, like your situation now, I don't stop alexander hera pre wedding.

Is this words as the spring rain infiltrates in my heart, I silently, quietly review yourself, this is better than inform parents embarrass me let me remember profoundly. But before that, I had left many detours, and cruise around, but I never regret, because I want to experience more than others in order to grow, to know more.

In those years, I have used to experience life's most precious a quarter, I used to think it is very long, but when I quietly sat in front of the screen silently memories, only to find that the original period is not far in this section. I should say too in a hurry or I waste time? I remarked the time or the learn to record the next life alexander hera?

In those years, I passed, youth, the rain has stopped, as scheduled from our experience into memory.