It is not just a dream

That confession is really very emotional day, you say, I can not give you anything, either eachother, drawing near, I have not. You just said that you will always love me alexander hera pre wedding ......

Lost in your world, touch your scars. I thought I could qualify, I think I can manage. Your hobby more, if analogy with honey, might, but also tired of it. I think that you're the angel, can guard my life. Like from behind your eyes blindfolded, playing the most childish games. All this is good. I often ask you will not stick to the commitment, you say, will ......

Heart, is not it will light, and we are back to square one. At that moment, I think that the whole world have condensed the time, just remember your face, as if there are two lines of crystal tears too. I Zhengzhu, with a fingertip tap your cheek, said a lot, but you walk away and leave nothing. Over the years, I always remember you said you would love me forever, I thought you were my only, but only just. Every time, every time chasing only your back, but you and the other girls laughed so happy, think on the go, the pace, but how could not walk alexander hera pre wedding ......

Even though I know your commitment, all for naught, as if the midsummer foam, gently point, for he gave. Crumbled into a piece, I try to fight, no matter how hard, or not to restore the original appearance. Intentions sticky traces of the above, how indelible, get rid of. Look, we know that it is put together, it is the former, it is not forever, that nothing is a ......

I do not know who is right, you say you will always love me, the original, that was all a dream, I love Red, lifted some solitude time, our past daylight lazy lying in the sun last hint color, and I was still sitting on the results of their own, the thinking of no longer unlock the shackles, I'm just feeling low end of the losers, let me own one sad ......

You say, forget your promise, forget you loved me. I understand, do not know much. Your feet never hesitate from my world and soul in a hurry to and from, and hurried away. Your shadow accompanied by footsteps in my world became a spectrum from the song, it was parting song. You said that you will always love me. Now, let me forget you. There is a saying: love a person how long, how long will use to forget him. But I can not, your presence, my whole sky is blue, and you made ​​me forget you. Want me to forget what kind of blue, or let me forget you, what kind of autism treatment ......

Our 365 days, every day miss accumulation, that in my mind has become the Great Wall, but in your eyes, already collapsed, is not it? You jealously guarding a ghost town, daily thoughts every day, ghost town, ghost town, I, but also for your old age, ghost town it? To you a promise, always will love me, to my city, my people, my whole thought was put into the shackles of paradise long, how long you will remain committed? If the next life, my heart still, for you ......

I'm glad you love me, after all it was once, but covered with blood covered the sun once. Wind, swaying flowers, dust all over the floor. I was the only one who stood alley, hair and hair flying, and you, where is it? Floating floor of the commitment, recalling the past sorrow. A kiss days of shortage, from time to time to laugh, did not hurt all the pain perception, and fatal to, the taste is sweet ......

I want to get rid of your commitment and figure, the autumn wind blows, although the stars or the moon dancers who enjoy changing the dance, despite how clear mountain springs, in my eyes, it was just tears Bale, Bale. Sitting in the window, thinking about your commitment, hypocritical or contrived. At least you have to say you love me, love, do not know disappeared without a trace, I like water clear, I either like dancing like a butterfly leaves, either on my TV drama full of morning dew rose, but can not promise any of you become worried about my life ......

You say you will always love me, you say you will stick to your promise, now gone. Left me only figure, the figure will be a lifetime. We did them so mature, so my writing is not cooked them, but I put my sustenance, and miss all written on the inside.

If, in the future after you see the article I wrote, would pain? I never felt we not, pour a tacit agreement it ......

You said commitment will always love me. I hope it was not just a dream ......

give a person

Looking at the autumn is gone, again once yu dafu's clear, quiet and sad.

Autumn, is that you gave me a fruitful harvest, I rather smug, Ergonomic desk that is your parting gift? Pace shanshan, you leave I don't give up the attachment.

In the field; the time of the gold already, be industrious people in income storehouse, or hang in the eaves. The orchard, a red face, already were off, in the fruit shop window.

Stepped out of the door, to find, the traces of autumn frost with blue mist from the leaching bone cold, jump out of the dongshan sunshine, dispelled the dense early in the morning, the willow fly in the sun, such as butterflies dance and dance.

With warm days, a few white clouds has been the wind tore into pieces, give a person "MingXiao frost, water dip in empty" visual enjoyment Antique jewelry.

In the midday sun, walking in the mountain ridge, small hillock, look for a CuiCao, lying on the above, watching clouds scud across heaven, rolling hills. And yellow leaves of autumn wind shake down a tree, cover on my body, a deep sleep, the dream is still wandering in the golden fields, "happily see the rice glycine thousand heavy waves", jimmy wong still walk in the red leaves, such as fire maple's woods, back to the time of yesterday.

Few times fly south YanMing, I woke up from a dream, that is the voice of autumn farewell? Watching the sun melt gold, MuYun combination, the autumn wind blows up the attire, is that the hand of fine fine jade of autumn? I want to hold you, and miss you. "Helpless flower falls to" is the autumn and sadness, in heart "familiar yan return" infinite yearning.

Twilight falls, autumn night has to pull down the curtain, bright moon don't shoot, surprised; only magpie, several loud cry echoed in the faint valley. Think ahead in cold empty of, "similar to surrounding cassia twig, shed light should be more clear", in the moonlight light, and you would like to hold the blanket and sleep, Syria the last lingering.

Autumn, hurry and come winter, you squeeze into edge, I would like to spend a lifetime live in your time, warming Yang his twilight, clouds high static gas, white dew condensation; The spare time that secluded deep, bright moon according to conceive nuskin hk, stars in accordance with the day; But helpless wilderness depression, clouds with, autumn to the heart.

Autumn, you just life for a season, all harvest will eventually run out, all honor will fade away, I want to hold you back, but only to hold a trace of sadness don't complain!

Cut constantly, Richard also disorderly, an unspeakable taste in the heart.

I have to learn things the moment

Always in between so inadvertently, we become vulnerable, and become strong, and said good to live a good life, make life meaningful too, but there are always some times can not control it, and my heart will be lonely, melancholy , did not want to talk, bother anyone. Every time, you will feel good decadence, looking back at the past, bit by bit, it seems that always makes us very tired. Easily lost confidence in life alexander hera wedding.

Perhaps this time is caused by a sharp decline in the power of the mind it is not meet to appease hearts. People are really quite strange. Also good on one second, the next second it becomes silent. Let the heart really powerful it really is not so easy to do, always remember, do not forget it is difficult, vulnerabilities will always exist, after all, the heart can not be lasting peace, Primary Afflictions slow doubt, the top five still in the body . Everything must learn to empty out empty feel, have to continue to strive Yeah Bordeaux Wine.

Will always be affected by different emotions, so he did not have enough to go all out. Master emotions also carry a potential problem, the heart far from the side. I have to learn things the moment alexander hera wedding......

to know their people

The so-called friends, that is, in the boundless huge crowd to find interest, the same talk Jimmy Wong.

All say write words were very sad, Jimmy Wong very lonely person, we will often look up at the sky, which is looking for cloud, which stars.

We will be confused and helpless, but we have to learn to strong, learn to face, learn even if again painstakingly again tired, also want to go with a smile Jimmy Wong.

We are all the same, the same.

We used to lonely, but don't like lonely, we just need to know their people Jimmy Wong