thought in school

Once in school, do not know what is cherish, never cherish anything there. Because, at that time, the moment we never thought of that school, thought in school Bordeaux Wine.

Graduated this year, we, an exam, wrecked our six years of youth, there is no homework this year summer vacation, but everybody in the mind will be less what, did not make you have a headache, but it is never going to have a grade six.

On the eve of graduation, we in the school uniform signed his own name, don't know this school uniforms in the future will be buried in the wardrobe in the corner of their home, replaced by the new school uniforms.

If one day, someone asked me, "how much is this school uniforms", then I will answer him, "this dress is very expensive, you can't afford it." "How much" and "six years of youth." The answer maybe someone else will feel funny, but this dress really buried my six years, many years after the worst but let me I will be the envy of six years alexander hera wedding.

Last June 1 children's day, my heart really can not help a acid, on this last June 1, indicates we are about to graduate, this June, will be our last, respectively, should be happy age, but not disappointed, this home, I spent six years of home, once scolded, but one day there was a man told me that I want to leave it, want to leave and I lived together for six years of devotion.

My bedroom is not big, but the warmth, the bedroom each people have each person's personality, are all different. We together in a summer sowing hope, also embrace together in the summer of another cry, tears dry, and wet again. Friendship, forget, and read it.

The thing should have been passed, forget the mood should have been forgotten rack.