all meet in the life!

December of the season, I wish you everything is ok!

Years like water, and cool time, the spring city of December is still filled with some cold breath, no matter how change the previous season, may we, if the meet, adjustable desk is a lifetime together, forever friend!

- I dedicate this article to this time all meet in the life!

Haven't writing articles for many days, that is at the deepest heart touched and memory, are always used due to the short history of time, let it from the tip of the finger across a trace, like a drop of water into the sea, quietly, then I can't find it anymore...

Sitting in the window and mind wandering down the casement office furniture, 2014 this season, spring city of south China, regular life is the most unforgettable city!

2014, appreciate the season of 2014, Thanksgiving all meet in the 2014 this season!

From the "heart to cast", from "psychological to short-range", from "57 to misha," if asked me why is the most moving, that is met a lot of life the most beautiful and good friends!

For a long time, believe all of the world meet, are reunited culturelle, all experience, there must be in the direction! More believe that the gifts of god, in the life the most beautiful and the right moment.

The wind seems to be particularly cold tonight, will also appear on the corner of long lonely, few pedestrians, the wind to the fullest, blow away all the thoughts, is willing with all my blessing and thank, blowing through the streets blowing buildings, through the barrier, arrived at your window, telling all the gratitude for you information...

I cherish life every friend, since the childhood, from beginning to now, is we together, that make life so much a bright-coloured colour, much a moving and engraved in memory, electrical desk it will never change!

In fact, life is like a train, every station will someone get on the bus, someone get off, starting from the same starting point, through the different scenery, your next stop?

We are on the bus travelers, repeating others' direction, also walk his own way. Accidental opportunity we together, a smile, a concern, a warm conversation, one thing in common and goals, we have a warm at first, we walked through the same section of road, this is the life the fine met!

Someone asked me: "what do you consider your greatest goal in life?"

starts from the maple leaf is red as fire

The autumn wind, the annual following years autumn light beauty. When autumn girl with lightsome pace slowly while came, when the wind fairy dance the graceful dance comes, the endless poplar, ginkgo tree, and the French platanus acerifolia were put on a layer of golden dress.

Ahead in the distance the lush mountains, starts from the maple leaf is red as fire, yan have to chardonnay, satin, beautiful the dizzying, relaxed and happy making a person.

After an autumn rain, a burst of autumnal winds, the autumn leaves are falling from the tree. Take a few minutes, take a few minutes, take a few minutes once owned of green and vitality, with something of great memories, silently, fall in around and around the roots.

Autumn is beautiful, because she happened, she has been brilliant. I praise the autumn leaves, because leaves are silently. She has been to tree mother selfless dedication own light and heat. With its own light and heat to the tree her mother brought vitality and infinite glory.

I praise the autumn leaves, I'm more people praise the autumn leaves. He (she) on different jobs, silent work, selfless dedication, only to give, not just taking. Famous scientist qian xuesen of aeronautics and astronautics in China, before liberation in the United States once had a prominent position and brilliant achievements. But he resolutely overcome all obstacles, after hardship, finally return to the embrace of the motherland. His rich knowledge of science and the wisdom of the who, led a group of scientists and the successful launch of atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and the first man-made earth satellite, created the immortal feats of our country's "rocket". This is the model in the love of the People's Republic, this is the autumn leaves to root of emotions and thoughts.

Famous anti-japanese star and patriotic general, bloody battle the taierhchuang commander general li, though silence abroad for many years, but after the founding of the People's Republic of China, lee with a deep thoughts and emotions and thoughts of motherland, after several years, and finally determined return to the embrace of the motherland, achieved his famous wish and dream in life. This is also a kind of the quality of the autumn leaves, also is a kind of autumn leaves to root of emotions and thoughts.

I praise the autumn leaves, not only because the autumn leaves had elegance and beauty, but more because of autumn leaves to the root of the feelings and thoughts. You see, autumn leaves in the autumn wind the dance, it's her entrust the autumn wind take root thoughts and sentimentally attached. You listen to, autumn leaves as if to gently to tell to the root, "I tightly dependent with you,, even if to leave your body, I also love you, around you, no matter when, you still is my pursuit and end-result!"

I praise the autumn leaves, because leaves have the spirit and quality. You see, their pieces, layers, tightly around the roots around, even if the yellow decay maternal gentleness, also put their own nutrition continuously to the roots.