forward to the arrival of spring.

In the early spring season, the morning wind appearing filar silk cool meaning, the breath of winter haven't faded, at this moment, I will be the standing in the cold spring, look forward to the arrival of spring.

Because I know, if you want to know "spring" can wait until the "lau sui fei Yang"? If the river willows have radiant with green, or it becomes loose to soften wet clay yaren drill out the tender grass, it is late.

The scene of the spring come far earlier than the sight of many, in the heaven and earth have been early winter remain. When you are out of their homes, though at present still is the scene of a depression, suddenly, a breath of fresh, familiar and stranger, cold red through the nose, down his nostrils, and "sou" into the heart. Originally heavy brain suddenly become lucid, it makes you instantly was transformed to the heaven and earth, you realize that spring is here!

But, when you stand breathless out nose suction, want to smell the scent of magic, it suddenly disappeared, as if a which passes. Lifted up his eyes, and looked around, the drying of the fields is still in the school of winter, freezing. However, I do not know when and where the smell was suddenly appeared again. It like for you to play "hide and seek", like the first love kiss again, let you the happiness he felt specious. When you feel "off" when it fell into a bear, when you are feeling "is" the heartache.

Originally, spring originally is erratic, is like concealed, seems to have no. It is not a form but a breath - a nature after waking life everything has send out the unique flavor.

At this time, you to look to the cries of the birds are in much some excitement and pleasure? They sing on the withered branches, lowers the head bounced on the lawn, playing, and seemed to be looking for green shoots is going to drill out the dirt. Stretch hand to touch those who clings to the wall by the sun warm the vines, though still looks dry, pinching it with a fingernail brown skin, you will find these under the bark was fresh and tender green.

Quietly lying in all things spring. Spring is a kind of life, all life is unstoppable, the essence of life is born, who can stop the power of the raw?

In the snowy winter, your line of sight may be attracted by the bloom of red berries, perhaps, will focus on various of ice and snow world, while ignoring the spring. So, when it appeared before, can't wait it smell like a genie, and filled the air, wrapped around you, to you. So, you see, the spring was originally smell.

Therefore, I like in this season, in the beginning of spring tides occur in the rush of the wind to enjoy spring the temptation of the unique, you can't open arms to welcome the rosy, delicate and charming the arrival of spring...

a beautiful season

Spring breeze blow to open the season, covered are flowers starts, lively images reveal the beauty of spring. Spring is coming, the came early and those who are in the process of brewing out more beautiful flowers, rushing out to open. The season of the grass sprout out of the earth, walk on the company's avenue, natural bright mood. Comfortably, is more the warmth of the sun, let a person enchanted, let a person have to think about how to miss such a beautiful season dr renew treatment.

"When the day of march, spring mountain rain sunny. On the night to shallow, fragrance gently with the wind". Yang flocculant with blowing in the wind, the sky like a heavy snow with youth, good a magnificent spectacle. March clear cloud, snow is like winter, spring always gives a person too much fantasy, there are magnificent in winter, a summer and have a beautiful autumn. Such as poetic artistic conception, like heaven on earth, in a dream world, can't smoke complex, with the spring breeze stroke, make people imagine their life wonderful Dr Renew.

"Clip GuYing crow march day, fresh wildflowers on the whole phase". Spring arrived, hills mountains protruding spring scenery, "toward, be overrun by look of panoramic view is green, with red, blue, yellow, white flowers grass, a music room. Know ChunYan to LiuShao, green dye fang qingxi drunk Dr Renew.

Mountain streams flowing and dial this spring notes, stretch hand to touch, and little bit of coolness. Is the best at noon, when the sun is the most poisonous, came to the stream, singing, listening to stream a sip of windy spring, refreshing, seem to instantly through blood, from head to toe the smell of blooming in the spring Dr Renew.

after the rain stops, it not happy?

The rain in my eyes is a simple freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, a few pen to warm the heart, drunk the whole spring of life. The rain is a poem, is a landscape to know each other, white blank, intriguing. Sheet through the rain a bosom clove knot, shading brow heart and light cage drizzle, twist the rain as a chord, shallow sing a flick. While the rain, like a gauze clothing women's sad fall, sunny summer life, expand a summer blended, caresses a wisp of the rain, gently on the cheek, on the lips, or dusty, or remember, is beautiful Dr Renew.

When the drizzle of the moment, gently ask, are you there to rain? A day of rain, would you mind holding the rain, hide a wisp of rain on her mind, let summer fidgety, in often rain, the quiet Dr Renew

The arrival of the drizzle, mottled spiritual body in summer, mottled once. Who love the rain is don't want to escape the rain, they will make the rain of cool and refreshing, wash away the dust heart; Let the rain of the comfortable, erase my thoughts on the common reading; Let rain at the silent tell people hiding in the room, they will never understand the rain heart of love, and poetry of the eternal. The rain, warm the heart drunk the whole spring of life. And rain hug to each other, in the rain fall, is no longer with deep sadness, as at the moment, leave with a warm sweet accompanied by rain, simple, read the rain is better than thousands of words, warm to heart, after the rain stops, it not happy Dr Renew?

A depicting heart rain, a sleeve dew wind, the rain awaken another slice of chaos in my life, it is somewhat between the throb of life, like a warm embrace, real and warm. Read a drizzle, pure crystal, the soul of dust; Read a person, the soul, regarded warm; Read a past, precipitation fragrance, like enron, the rain is always so gentle, so tactfully, all youth secret hidden in the claustrophobic place, leaves of the fading of dim, condensed in the wise lasting far, hidden JuanJuan worries, like affection silk; The rain, with a sincere heart, regardless of the years from when to begin, where to end, always, of the arc is still reverberating, so real Dr Renew,...