The result of a perfunctory

"I'm sorry, we originated because out." A sudden SMS bombing of all my hopes and fantasies. Once together or the enemy but the pass of time. I'm sorry, I still love you... So, what should I do? How to reply you of message... I startled, overwhelmed, why I am so weak? Cannot afford to lose you, the tears taught me to wear a mask Dream beauty pro, I reply to you with a smile: "happiness to you" do not know, however, mask has become a levee, witnessed the formation of a river.

Little imagine, "happy for you" is just one of my naughty as a result, you might think that I have relief, agree with you, break up with hello gather good spread, but my heart is already scarred face your message, my heart has been you bomb shattered, hopelessness, only owe the east wind to blow it... I'm sorry, I still love you...

I'm sorry, when you know me, really is a full of memories of my old, not a brand new me, actually you also know that I am not really love you, but you still include me.

During this period, I have seen your efforts, Diamond water saw your disappointment, saw your insist, also noticed what you want to give up... I'm sorry, but I also had to give up, but I found that my heart do not know when, have been you conquer... When I realized, then I am happy, I can finally with you sincerely. You saved my heart, let me free from the previous memories, so, I began to slowly in front of you unbridled gambol, began to learn to really care about you.

However, fate is such a fool, you are tired, you begin to decide to leave me, you finally made a decision to give up, I'm at a loss, what should I do? I've started to like you. When you turned to leave, I know we end. Not in to the beauty of the original... I cry cry a mess, but I didn't let you see, even the casual met in the campus, I decided to smile, laugh, laugh wildly, this is not want you to show off how good of our country, but to let you still remember my smiling face, I want you to remember my smile, remember I was once a bring you laughter of a girl. In fact, you never know, flowing behind the smile is a blood flow.

I meet you in every moment, there will always be a heartbeat in the unscrupulous hopping, this is my impressed you the most powerful evidence. In fact, I used to say to you don't have the heart to be false, just you didn't see through my lies.

No who to who wrong in emotion, Diamond water and we all are a good child, is a pursuit of happy children, just the way we are looking for happiness, occasionally became the lost child. Perhaps, we are together is an illusion, is a perfunctory. Because we are appeared on the spirit of the fork in the road, when you love me, I was facing the other direction, at the time of I love you, but you have left to the oh well a figure...

We break up of the result of the message is a perfunctory. A wound, a scar, can let us find their own happiness? I'm sorry, I love you, this is my late greetings...