Beautiful and gentle

Today was the fourth day of the program under which officials, a new day there are new harvest, harvest and our logistics group, originate from the kitchen and the market.

Found the man in the world, no matter how far you ever from him, whether or not you have ever known him, Red wine cellar as long as you meet, even if only for a few days, each other there will be more or less the tacit understanding. And this kind of tacit understanding is like a secret things, let's find ourselves. If not to write notes, I may never to write out the telepathy between people.

, for instance, the door of the market to buy frozen goods aunt dry goods, on the first day came to the base, I visited her shop, and put your own program under which officials told her. At that time she just sell things is not I want to buy things. After one day, I did not visit again.

And the third day, I suddenly think of black fungus can cook, then went to buy her, didn't think she has been helping we want to do, how many pounds is enough to eat, buy what is delicious. Also tell us all kinds of information about black fungus.

I think, we never knew before, but is a few days ago once, but can you give us such a big surprise. Then we ask where to buy meat again, she would remind us where is good, not to buy frozen meat, young people want to eat fresh. Seem to be we never once, I have become her family. I from a passenger's identity, the incredible from her care. Ten days later, I might be from now on will not appear in her store, spending her stuff, give her a profit. Thought of here, I couldn't help touched up.

Then, we have entered the market to buy other food, I touched haven't disappeared, another uncle gave us new surprises.

We are in the market looking for a cheap and delicious pork shop. When we come to a butcher shop, SDTL Energy Cube there is always another butcher shop boss shouted at us in the past.

When we asked one of the uncle, surprise! He put the price pressure to a minimum, his own meat to 11 yuan a kilo to sell to us, and most of the 14 pieces for this before and we ask too much difference. Although a kilo is 3 yuan, but for them, also be a sum of money.

When we are very happy, he said: "you are college students to volunteer?" We're surprised, why he knows our identity?

Old uncle he early on the first day we knew our identity. When we are in the other a buy the meat, and all his eyes and all ears, also heard our information. While we were on a tangle of expensive meat prices, his straightforward sold in the market the lowest price to us, his mouth constantly asked: "teaching pretty hard?" We was touched by the time, only in mouth kept saying "thanks! Thanks!"

Yes, like the yuan aunt, we do not know. But, what we have at least communicate with aunt, but uncle butcher shop but we never communicate. He is not the same way, once again, in this small city, gave me a surprise.

Send person rose, the hand is vanilla. A tiny figure, I think that living in the city for this kind of the embodiment of the quality, is more dazzling. Maybe ten days later, I won't appear in the small city, hair restoration it is my aunt no longer butcher shop then there will not be the love of my uncle. But they let me know, no matter who, even a stranger, as long as your starting point is good for each other, even if again how thousands of miles away and you heart will flush slightly touched!

Lake is who is going to the mountains and rivers, the sea is conditioned by day and night, and love in the kitchen. Is willing to work with me as a stranger, can be like a dry goods shop aunt and uncle butchers, gentle and good treatment to strangers, are good and gentle treatment.