in a twinkling of an eye

Can messages from heaven really be seen up above? Written on the wind and penned in the clouds, messages from heaven cry aloud. In the blink of an eye the moments pass away erasing the messages that had been sent for the day.Mysteries entertained and hidden in the sky may reveal more than what just meets the eye. When the windows in heaven open up for the day, the angels in heaven come out to play. Painting the sky to reassure the heart that heaven can come in a twinkling of an eye Travel to Hong Kong.

What can be said about a sunrise that hasn't been said before? Nothing unless we can learn how a sunrise has inspired some great and noble men before Hong Kong ground handlers.

Form the beginning of the world, God created the day and the night, so that mankind would not have to live in darkness. Since those sacred words that God spoke to create the light (sun) of the day and the light (moon) of the night, the sun and the moon have continued to return shining as brightly as God had promised it would postgraduate course hong kong.